Mustang Body Kits

A mustang body kit will transform your putrid excuse of a vehicle into one that has the outward appearance of a mustang, the qualities of these mustang body kits varies from place to place and, well, let’s be honest for a second… it will NEVER be as good as having the real thing. Now, if you do not have the budget to go out and get a Ford Mustang, the next best thing is to take a car that is cheap, has no mechanical faults, and a class in automotive repair. Once you know how to do anything around a car you can go out and look for a body kit that matches the chassis you’re using – like if you have a Honda you many just want to get the mustang body kit made to go on a Honda. Next up, inspect the kit, look it over, visualize it ion your head. Will this really pass for proof? If you have any doubts it is always good to ask someone else who has tried it or to see an actual example before you go off and slap it on your current car.


Mustang Body Kit - Eleanor

Now, with all body kits, you need to understand the basics of detailing too – the devil is in the details. If you spend the right amount and take the time, the care, and the absolute devotion in making this body kit transform your crappy ride into one like a mustang you might just come out alright. One of the best ideas is to replace as many parts of your current chassis vehicle with real mustang accessories from ford – like the lights, mirrors, and the seats (if you can afford it). If you make the interior and the exterior match a mustang down to all the little i’s and t’s you might just have a successful conversion that can pass for proof. Plus, it’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper than shelling out for a real one.

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