Morgan Motor Company was founded in 1909 and has been a private company since it began. One of a few to never have the kind of history that is so often seen, it was founded by Peter Morgan who ran the company until he passed away. Their first cars were three wheeler runabouts built for his personal use, and later sold. He built the reputation of his brand and made on the successful Grand Prix races he entered and thus allowed him to continue building these little machines. All with three wheels, they continued production until the postwar economy allowed him to build more commonly seen four wheeled vehicles, although the three wheels were never very far away.

Morgan logo

The first four wheeled vehicle as the Morgan +4, which was introduced in the 50s, followed soon after by the Morgan 8 (no, it did not have 8 wheels, it had a V8 engine).

With these vehicles came more fame and more importantly – more buyers, and the V8s were more power oriented and retained their styling and luxury feel, with the V8 being built out of an aluminum alloy. This decision allowed the car to be lighter and accelerate faster, giving it more publicity as a performance vehicle. With the millennium change came a car change; the Morgan Aero 8 rolled out with a sleek new design and better streamlining.


The vehicle lines produced have always been considered sports like car because of the low weight and the high powered engines, giving it a large ratio of acceleration. In England many people call the vehicles Moggies and as such the enthusiasts who buy them remain attached to them. This is one of the few car companies, and is probably one of the longest lived, to have never been merged, sold, or otherwise a part of the massive car corporate complex that dominates the industry, wholly owned and completely unique, this is another car company that is to be applauded.

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