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In life you meet new people just by walking up to someone and saying hello. Your appearance gives other people the first impression of your personality, your feeling, facial expressions, and the tone of your voice can give somebody a great picture of how you are. The world of cars is the same way with first impressions. If you see a nice car driving down the road, you think that the owner of the car has money, or has done a lot of work into the car.

Your car is a part of your life. When you drive to someplace new, the first thing people see is your car. Your car signifies what you enjoy and personality. This is why people design their cars the way they want to. A car is a perfect way to express yourself and to make a statement of your personality. What better way to do this that tuning your car to the way you want it.

Audi TT Tuning

Tuning your car can be done several ways. Some people go to get the most horsepower out of the engine; some people choose to make the paint job their tuning of choice.

Tuning your car for performance is a great way to show your work. Adding boost to your engine is a nice way to add power to your vehicle. A nice smooth delivery system for this power shows others that you know what you are doing. That power boost is controlled be the electronic brain, or the cars nervous system of your vehicle. All controls have to go through the brain box of the car but you can enhance the output of the cars performance. If you force air into the engine, it will keep the engine cool and make the combustion stroke add more power to the output of your engine.

If you want to avoid the brain control, you can have a valve control switch put in which allows direct flow of the combustible fuel right to the turbo unit. By installing the valve into the line, allows an even flow into the chamber and allowing the liquid to combine with the oxygen and the other fuel. This allows a faster acting control of the boost and the response of the vehicle to the boost of the fuel quicker.

Mechanical boost controls are sometimes added to give the driver of the vehicle more control over the whole machine. If you don’t think you can control the boost level while controlling the car, the electrical boost module is the best way to go. Have you seen a race like a drag race? You tune your car to the point of racing that is a statement, especially when you install the NOS system.

NOS are nothing more that the manufacturers name for the system that they designed. A common mistake when made is the name of the NOS system because they think that NOS stands for nitrous oxide, but it doesn’t. NOS stand for Dinitrous monoxide.

Nos - Nitrous Oxide - Pink Bottle

This gas is used in the airplanes today and is an easy modification you can add to your car to give it the boost you need for more speed. This is a non-flammable liquid by its self but when combined with air and regular gas from your engine, it gives your fuel the extra boost it needs to give you the power you are looking for. The change from liquid to gas during the injection process adds the power you want and it also cools down the engine if used in small bursts. If you think of adding NOS to your car, make sure the fuel delivery system can handle the boost of gas that can go through the lines. NOS need more oxygen than regular fuel that is why you need a fuel delivery system. Adding this system to your car is not very cheap, so when you use a boost makes sure you keep your bottles of NOS full. Once fully installed, you will be ready for the speed you are looking for.

Now that you have the engine modified to the way you want it, it is time to customize the outside of your car giving it the personal touch. Styling your car it all up to you and the way you want it. No one can tell you how you want it because it is your car. Design it and make it look like the way you want it. By designing your car, you make a statement about you and you have a unique car that is on the road.

Car Stickers

If you are going for a cheap but flashy look, you can always buy stickers to add to outside of your car. You can buy stickers that say what you want to tell everyone and not get in trouble for saying it. If you have put the part into your engine, sometimes they send you decals or stickers you can put on your car. Tell everyone that you put time and money into your car and what parts you put into your car without opening the hood. If you decide to go with the decals or stickers, make sure the day is warm. Stickers will not stick to the cold surface of your car. Some stickers are translucent with means the color of your car will go through the sticker, changing the color of the stickers’ original color.

The last thing to consider when bringing your car to a car show is to make the interior of your car a statement of you. You can also get a shift lever and other control knobs to give your car a look that you want for not a lot of money. The easiest thing to change and give your car a statement is the car mats. You can get ones that are just out of this world or mats that just say what you feel. Now going into more detail, you can change the lighting and the styling of the gauges on your car. You can get many different styles of gauges at your local auto parts store. The gauges come in many different colors and sizes so pick out the one you like because ultimately, your car is a statement of you and your personality.

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