Minivan Tires

Minivan Tires are essentially the same as normal passenger car tires, however it is advisable to shop around for tires that can be used as minivan tires first. You wouldn’t want to have a tire that could not handle the weight of a minivan. Thus it is always good to ask, even if you don’t want to. Also be sure you account for your budget and what your mechanic would recommend for minivan tires.

Dunlop Tire Rebate

Anyway, minivan tires should be inspected the same as any normal car tire, check the tread with a penny to make sure the tread is viable (or else you will go slip sliding all over the place) and check your tire pressure often. It’s best to drive safely in a minivan with good tires than with over-filled or under-filled tires. One of the risks of having weak tires, worn tires, or just plain crappy tires is that your minivan tires could experience a blowout on the road and that could result in injury, death, or really high repair costs for your car. Consider getting “noflat” tires for your minivan tires rather than some cheapies that will bald faster than Captain Picard. No offence to Trekkies intended.

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