Michelin Tires

Michelin has been manufacturing since 1888 and has been doing tires since then. Michelin Tires are one of the top brands known throughout the world, not only because of the Michelin Tire, the Michelin Tire Man or the road maps… but because of their travel guides that award stars to high class restaurants.

Michelin Pilot SX MXX3 Tire

A star will mean a mega business boom, two stars are even rarer, and three stars is almost a neigh occurrence (only three restaurants have a three-star rating). A loss of a star is basically the most devastating economic weapon ever wielded in the food industry. Michelin tires are famous for being used in earlier formula one racing, and then in 2001 for its comeback being able to supply many different racing teams with their best Michelin tire until 2006 when disputes arose from the practices of the FIA.

Michelin Tires has also been recently entering the challenge of sustainable mobility – meaning to create without hindering the future’s ability to be mobile (clean vehicle technology and better designs). Thus far they have hosted events since 1998 and have been doing so each year since. Michelin has also developed a new tire called a tweel, which has no air and cannot go flat. Currently the prototype Michelin tire has several kinks related to noise to be worked out, but is seen a possible military buy.

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