Mercedes CL 65 AMG

The luxurious and spacious Mercedes CL 65 AMG costs 149,565 pounds, which everyone can afford…

It is a non-sports car so could be enjoyed by every buyer. If you want an imposed majestic coupe then Mercedes CL 65 AMG is a brilliant option. An excellent feature of car is that it weighs about two tons, which makes it weigh light as compared to other cars. This enhances its top speed and power. It wraps around 62 mph in 4.4 sec. After this it only needs to be started and will run gracefully in high speed. Turbo 911 takes about 13.3 sec to cover 124 mph so; Mercedes CL 65 AMG is a great option for the buyer’s comfort. This feature makes this car popular and efficient in the market. For functioning the car, it requires automatic gearbox in just five ratios. It enhances both manual and auto shifts very smoothly when operated through mounted steering-wheel shifters.

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