Mercedes Benz C Class

Mercedes Benz has always been a mark of luxury and sportiness.  However, in recent years, this company has created quite a few cars that are reaching towards the middle of the market where many buyers tend to be.  If you have always dreamt of driving a Mercedes Benz, but felt it was too expensive for your budget, you may now want to consider the CC.  While you may think that the CC is more affordable due to the fact that it gives the driver much less, you will be surprised that this vehicle actually offers quite a lot of value for your money.

Mercedes Benz C Class - 2009

The CC is quite a beautiful sedan and when we say sedan, it should be noted that this vehicle has frame less doors meaning that it looks more like a coupe than a sedan ever did.  In addition, the fifth seat which is really just the bump in the center has been removed, making this vehicle a strictly four seater for comfort and practicality.  There are two engines to choose from, the first is a smaller, more fuel efficient engine that is a 1.8 liter FSI four cylinder which delivers a healthy 158 horsepower and perfect for both short and long commutes averaging about 32 mpg on the highway.  The second more powerful engine is the 3.6 liter V6 that delivers a very impressive 280 horsepower and offers an all wheel drive transmission.

So with a Mercedes Benz that offers lots of performance, plenty of horsepower (with the larger engine of course) and decent gas mileage, you may be warming up to the CC.  What if I said the base price was under $30K, you would probably think this vehicle is a steal and for a Mercedes Benz it is.

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