Maserati GT Sovrano by DMC

It is clear that DMC wanted to create a cool car here. You can say because of the name, Sovrano!

So they picked up a Maserati GranTurismo and instead of going nuts with carbon fiber like Mansory usually does, they’ve used a subtle but very nice body kit.

It comes with side skirts, rather wide ones, new front spoiler for a bigger mouth, a vented bonnet, a carbon rear diffuser and a carbon rear spoiler. They’re all very well composed and put together. The special color combination on this one is also very cool.

Maserati GT Sovrano by DMC sovarano 300x168

Thanks to DMC new motor-engineering partner in Switzerland, the engine  work is not simply done by ECU improvement, but by physically enlarging  the engine. Under the hood, the 4.7-litre V8 is now more potent thanks  to a supercharger that is driven by a cogged-tooth belt. Thanks to this  upgrade the DMC Maserati is able to produce an additional 150 HP (110  kW) and 82 Nm, which means it can unleash a total of 590 HP (434 kW) @  7300 rpm and 472 Nm of torque @ 5400 rpm.

On the interior,  DMC only uses the finest materials which have been  processed in traditional top-quality craftsmanship. It adds individual  character and improves the strong connection between the driver and his  car. The leather used by DMC for the interior is hard-wearing yet  exceptionally soft. The chequered stitch in the ornamental seams on the  inside makes for elegance as well as sportiness. Wherever you look.

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