Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

If you love Lambos, you will definitely find inspiration in the new Lamborghini Gallardo Spider.  The Spider builds on the success of the coupe version that was released this year.  However, during the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Gallardo Spider made its debut quickly turning heads and causing much excitement. This all wheel drive super car delivers an incredible 560 horsepower to each of the 4 wheels for ultimate performance.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

More Power
560 horsepower is a 40 hp improvement over older models and there is even more kudos for the new Gallardo, it is lighter which helps increase the weight to power ratio.  Other great innovations is the new 6 speed transmission that makes shifting a whopping 40 percent quicker and for those that are keeping track on the tech specs, this baby can reach 62 mph in less than 4 seconds.  While it is extremely quick on acceleration, one of the other great milestones this vehicle achieves at is top speed.  The Gallardo reaches 201 mph.

The Spider Soft Top
While most super cars employ a hard top, this exotic offers a soft top that is super fast to open or close- only 20 seconds.  While it is not known how much the Gallardo will cost at the moment, you can bet it will be expensive.  The Gallardo has quickly made a name for itself and Lambo is not pulling any punches.  Lamborghini is trying to get the most out of the Gallardo in both power and performance.

The Gallardo Styling
The Gallardo is a wonderfully styled Lamborghini.  For those that love Lambos, this vehicle has all of its classic lines. Inside the interior are little luxury and plenty of features that make sure you stay seated in the cockpit and in control.  Overall the Lambo Gallardo Spider is a fine auto sure to please.

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