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Kit cars are a tradition that goes back before the 20th century when the first automobiles were novelty items.  The evolution of Kit Cars has gone from a hobby enthusiast looking to impress his friends by making an item that no one has, since at the time the most popular alternatives to the automobile was the Iron Horse and the Real horse to a hobby enthusiast looking to impress his friends by making a car that no one else has.  So really, it’s about impressing people with your Kit Car, and the fun in building something with your hands.  Some tips about Kit Cars though, is first and foremost start simple and start easy if you are not a trained mechanic.  Consider taking classes to learn to better assemble a Kit Car, rather than risking the creation of a dangerous vehicle that is more of a Kit Disaster than a Kit Car.  Secondly, know what you are buying – if you buy an inferior car kit, your Kit Car will be inferior despite your best efforts.  Thirdly, know that it will be fun for you.  Many people who start building Kit Cars end up never finishing because they get bored or fed up with a problem.  Many times creating a car from a kit entails many problems, and part of it is problem solving.

When you are looking to start the project, know what you want to build and what your budget is.  If you see a kit for a Honda, and you like it – but you don’t own a Honda… don’t buy it! Most of the time if the kit is designed to convert a specific vehicle, it will not work on a different vehicle – and instead of Kit Cars you will get a Kit Frankensteins.  This is not recommended because of road safety issues, and even if it is safe, you are not a mad scientist.  If you are – then you probably already did what I just said not to with  Kit Cars anyways.  Research car prices, and look into buying a used car at a reasonable price that has a low mileage – remember – your Kit won’t change the Car’s internals, so shop for a car to modify like you would a car you will use everyday.  Then when you have the car, and the kit, go out and build your Kit Car.


  1. When looking to build Kit Cars know your own skill.
  2. When looking for parts and full Kits for Kit Cars know what you are buying.
  3. When you plan to build Kit Cars know your enthusiasm over it so you don’t have a hunk of junk sitting out on your driveway.
  4. Know your budget before you start building Kit Cars.

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