How You Can Be A Safer Driver

Year after year there are more and more reports of road rage and aggressive driving on the nation’s roadways. Many times these types of driving issues result in accidents, sometimes fatal ones. There are steps that can be taken to lessen the odds that unsafe driving practices will result in a tragedy or inconvenience for you or the young driver in your household.

Always Be Prepared
This is a famous saying and it applies perfectly to driving too. Being prepared for driving can mean many things. If you are mentally prepared for the road ahead then you will not be taken by surprise by bad weather conditions, heavy traffic, or confusing road layout. If your car is properly prepared with the right equipment then you will never be left wishing you had packed road flares, warm clothing, cellular phone charger, first aid kit, tire jack, extra gas, or any number of other necessities. Being prepared can also mean making sure that your fuel tank is full if you are setting off for a long drive and that all the needed maintenance like spark plugs, tune-ups, and oil changes are done when needed.

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions
Another way to make sure your drive is as safe as possible is to avoid unnecessary distractions. If you need to make a call on your cellphone, pull off the road to do so. Don’t change CDs while driving, wait until you stop next or do it before you set out on the road. For those with children that are misbehaving, pull off the road to discipline them. This allows you to give full attention to your kids and then once back on the road give full attention to your driving.

Never Drive Impaired
Driving impaired can mean many things to many people. The most obvious case of driving impaired involves driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If you feel you are not in control of yourself, then don’t get behind the wheel. There are other ways of driving impaired though. Be aware of the effects of prescription medication and how it may impair your driving. Often prescription drugs can leave you in the same or similar state of mind that illegal drugs do. Yet another way to drive impaired is to get behind the wheel when you are excessively exhausted. A sleep impaired driver is a menace on the road.

By using common sense and thinking ahead, everyone can transform themselves into safer drivers. The trick is to think ahead to what could possibly happen, and act as if that is a likely occurance. Once you and other drivers are prepared for all the negative things that can happen on the road, there will only be positive things happening.

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