How to Drift a Car?

The adventurous sport of Drifting has taken the world by surprise. Be it the super stores or sport accessories shop, heavy mechanical stores or car accessories store, drift accessories have made their presence felt everywhere. Drifting is the need of this hour. Gone are those days when people used to enjoy good for nothing slow races. Now people need more action, more drama and risky challenges. Be it Hollywood or Sports channels, an action movie remains incomplete without a drift sequence and so does a cop drama episode. Though people enjoy this feast, but drifting is surely no child’s play. It requires months of practice to master a single move. Generating the smoke and the screech from the tyres isn’t that easy as it seems. Let us start our lesson on drifting.

Drift Car

First of all we will discuss the prerequisites for drifting. Obviously, the very first thing you need is a car. It should not be any ordinary car but a car that can serve the purpose of drifting quite well. It must have a well serviced engine and good transmission. It should be well equipped with safety kits like roll cage and special racing straps. It should be a rear four wheel drive car. If you are a beginner, then you should use the second hand tyres in the rear end. Though a limited slip differential is optional but it surely helps to learn better. You need a coach or mentor to watch your moves and help you improvise on them. You have to make sure that your car runs on manual transmission. It is practically impossible to learn using automatic transmission.

Our main focus is to teach you drifting and not the different techniques. As a piece of advice for beginners, always practice a lot before hitting the circuit roads. Practicing donuts or circles in one spot is a wonderful way of learning to control the car at various speeds and transmission levels. Practicing donuts towards the right and circles towards the left is a good challenge. Doing both hand in hand helps you achieve a total control of your vehicle at all times. After the expertise in donuts has been achieved, your next big challenge comes in the form of achieving 180 degree complete spins using a handbrake. Practicing these gives you an upper hand during actual drifts. You gain a better control of your vehicle by realizing the best combination of speed, acceleration and brake effort for your vehicle.

Drift Car

These beginner techniques of setting up targets will help in the long run. These drift induction beginner methods also come with a lot of warnings which are more important than the techniques.

First and the foremost warning is that many countries have already banned drifting on local civilian roads. It is an illegal act by putting other lives into danger. You might end up in a jail even if no pedestrian is around. Hence you always have to take care of this fact. Drift is an action packed and adrenaline channelized sport. Sometimes greater speeds can put you in danger. Hence approaching the expertise levels slowly is a good practice. You should never drive at speeds beyond your capability. Drifting puts a lot of load and stress on almost every car part. Hence you should make sure that safety equipments are in place, tyres are good enough to support the pressure of drifts and engine coolants are working. Heavy vehicles like SUVs can easily flip up if you do not control the speed and spin. Drifting a rear wheel drive car is easier as well as safer. Though people nowadays are trying to achieve the same feat using front wheel driven cars, it is very risky and dangerous. Drifting a car in parking stands is the worst option you could choose for yourself. Not only you’ll damage your own vehicle but also spoil someone else’s property.

Drift  Car

Above all, one should always limit the speed of drift. It is recommended that you always analyze the turn and make your decision 100 meters prior as to select the perfect combination of speed, acceleration and brake effort for a safe drift.

Hence drifting a car comes with simple techniques and some assertive warnings as well.

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