How to Change a Car Wheel?

Many times, you may have been stranded in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what to do, where to go. Would it not be better for you to undertake the situation all by yourself? Here are certain steps that would guide you to conduct the changing of car wheels at ease.

Whenever you are driving a car you may have come across situations, where the wheel of your car gave away on you by running flat. Under such circumstances, it becomes really difficult for you if you are unaware of the process to change the wheels. If the incident occurs in some deserted region, you may not even get any help for a long time and would be remained stranded. It is better advisable for individuals, to have a fair idea of the tire changing process from beforehand so that when the real need turns up, you can carry out the process on your own.

Many people think that it is a very complicated process and can be performed by individuals, with experience only. This is absolutely a myth, as anybody can change the flat tire of their cars, if they knew how to do it. You could be informed about the process of changing the wheels of your car, if you were to follow these instructions carefully:

  • On majority of the cases, a flat tire occurs when you are driving on the highway or just simple roads, causing you serious distress. There is absolutely no need to get worked up under such conditions, instead it would be better, if you kept your calm and moved the car a little further to find a level region to park it. Make sure that you are as much off the road as possible.
  • Once you are off the road, you have to ask everyone in the car to step out of the vehicle and wait until the tire is changed. Before coming out of the car you must take note of few things, like changing the gear to reverse, if it is manual, and then simply turn on the flashers of the car.
  • Having done the following, try and get all the requisite equipments to go about the process, including the jack, tool kit and the spare tire. Most of the vehicles have these few things, at the rear for emergency situations such as these, but if you have been neglecting this, make sure to keep them packed at all times for your convenience.
  • Before using the jack to lift the car, bring some small stones or bricks to chip the two angles of the wheels, so that the car does not move during the process. After this, it would be easier to lift the car with the jack that may vary from one car to another, but their usage is comparatively the same. It is only required to lift the car to a certain height that just clears the tire of the ground level.
  • After this process you are required to take off the lug nuts by using socket wrench, to take out the wheel cover. Make sure to keep the lug nuts safe while you are removing the flat tire and fitting in the spare one, as you would require the nuts to fix the tire cover back again.

Make sure that the nuts are tightened well, following which simply bring down the car so that the wheel reaches the ground level. Replace all the equipments and flat tire to the rear and drive off safely to your destination, once again.

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