How to add a Turbo to a Car?

When you have a car it’s not enough to have the latest model around but need for speed and the engine efficiency is also important. That’s why there are numerous upgrades available for all types of vehicle.

One very popular upgrade there is adding up a turbo in your engine. When you have this upgrade in your car, this would increase the engine’s efficiency by drawing in air unlike most thought that these type of upgrade increases the engines compression or to give maximum pressure in an engine. When a regular non-turbo engine suck in air it can only take in about 60% of its volume. So as a result it is only 60% efficient. The more tuned the car’s engine is the more efficient its going to be. The best way to develop the engines capacity is to force induced the air/fuel mixture to the cylinders therefore filling the more. By doing this you could increase your volumetric efficiency by 30% making it 90% efficient. Increasing the amount of the air/fuel in the cylinders will also mean that there’s more oxygen available for burning and with the additional fuel your car’s engine will increase its power. And if you have a non aspirated engine the best kind of turbo to add are only the small ones.

Adding turbo in your car does not mean its going to be all good for your car. There are a number of complications to consider also. One is the fuel could ignite under pressure before the spark happens also known as detonation or the knock. The knock will cause the piston of an engine to move in the opposite direction if it has not reached the top center of the engine. This could bring major problems to the car’s engine and probably many other engines’ component would be destroyed. But this could be avoided from happening you only have to lower the compression of your engine or restrict the turbo to a low boost threshold. In order to lower your engine’s compression you have to have a re bore and fit lower pistons, you can also add in a stroker kit to change the compression ratio. Or you can also get a larger head and thick head gasket to increase the size of your engine’s cylinder and reducing the compression ratio. You should only use the highest octane fuel that is available to make the fuel more knock resistant.

In adding turbo o your car’s engine you should also increase the port size, fit bigger valves and look for bigger exhaust header and system because of the added volume flowing to your engine’s system. And the fuel needs to be refilled frequently because of higher pressure fuel and larger injectors.

Adding a turbo in your vehicle is going to be expensive as well as maintaining it but if you really want to have a very efficient engine then go for it! All the money you’ve spent is going to be all worth it.

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  1. shaheen says:

    how i can make my engine perfect

  2. Shenron says:

    Well, there’s no such thing like a perfect engine, still you can learn quite a lot from our site, so… 🙂

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