Honda S2000 Tuning

Honda S2000 is one of the most recent launches from Honda and there is some happy History attached to it. In April 1999, Honda celebrated its 50th century and the engineers from Honda wanted to come up with something really special, and hence the S2000 came into life.

A powerful 2 seater with engine options of 2.0l and 2.2l, this nasty beast can produce an amazing 9000 rpm with the backup of 240 bhp engine power. It is already a celebrated master piece and hence tuning up a perfectionist is a complicated task.

The handling, balance, suspension, instant torque and liquid brakes are simply superb. Any little experiment can go in the wrong direction and the whole tuning project can fail miserably.

Honda S2000 Tuning

Honda S2000 lacks in low end power and this could serve the purpose for our motivation to start up the tuning process. We have to introduce a good Sports exhaust accompanied by an induction kit to modify the VTEC momentum.

Since the head is way beyond perfect, the only little change that one can do is to upgrade the valve springs and retainers that wither down with an astonishing rate. Ferrera’s springs can work wonderfully well for S2000 since they are very much compatible.

To get a better flow, you can try a 3 angled valve head. Though 4 to 5 angles are superior but due to space constraints we stick to 3 head valve. Ignore cams help to keep the low down power in control. If you are still hungry for more Power in your S2000, then a forced induction will surely help.

An already designed 11:1 compression ratio provides a really weak boost and an addition of Supercharger would not help much. Hence a manual modification of the engine to bring this ratio to 9.5:1 would actually solve the purpose and you’ll find the power upto 350 bhp.

If you’re looking for a better acceleration, then a lower ratio gearbox will boost up the acceleration. You can also increase the size of 300 MM ventilated brake discs and get a final upgrade to an 18 inch wheel set. This would really give a wicked beast look to your vehicle.

This will grab the attention of every single chic on the road.

Finally, to add some punch to the Cosmetic looks, we suggest that you paint your little beast in red and get a black removable hardtop matched with powder coated black rims.

A front end full bra for 2004 S2K simply fits in the groove of S2000 as well. It seems it was made for this car only.

S2000 is simply one of the most amazing works of HONDA and we suggest that in the long run, you should take care while tuning up your love.

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