Honda Pilot

A spacious and powerful SUV, Honda Pilot is one of the leaders in the world of SUV cars. Loaded with a 244 horse power i-VTEC V-6 engine, the car is known for performing par excellence.

 Honda Pilot

The powerful engine is extremely dependable in rough terrains like mountains and desert area where driving can be extremely difficult. It has an automatic ‘Wheel Drive System’ that transfers all the engine power onto the rear wheels so that the vehicle can move comfortably in such difficult areas. This is further supported by suspensions located in the front and rear that work independently and automatically. The spacious interiors have a comfortable seating capacity for eight. These seats have leather covers of superior quality that give the SUV a luxurious look. The interiors also include air conditioning system that is provided both in the front and at the rear. The exterior features also include the use of under-body deflectors that help the car in utilizing the principles of aerodynamics and preventing any kind of problem due to air pressure at high speed.

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