Honda Accord Tuning

Accord is one of the most luxurious brands ever made by HONDA. Exclusive interiors, impeccable performance, awesome stability and world class elegance are some of the visible attributes of this machine. Not many would dare to experiment with an already declared master piece, but some who love tuning, it is always a game.

Let us take you to a journey where we’ll explore every single performance and appearance tuning tip.

The first and major performance part is the Engine. One has to be sure of its compatibility with other parts if you’re thinking of a swap. H22A is the most recommended engine mounts for Accord. It will require cutting tweaking and general arrangement or purchase of Hasports part for a successful swap. One has to make sure that exhaust, intake, fuel system and cooling work in perfect cohesion for better engine performance. A wonderfully crafted 4-3-1 header with an exhaust system from 90-93 Accord will work simply well. For normal driving purpose the intake is just fine for Accord but an H22A needs more breathing space. You can use a MAP from a ’90-93 Civic DX Mount and use it as a firewall in place for the Prelude Mystery box. Accord-like throttle body and cables will work fine with anything.

Honda Accord Tuning

Please avoid any eBay crap if you love your vehicle. Be sure of the size of the injector if you’re changing it as well.

Moving on to transmissions, it is advisable to stick to the contemporary H22A gearbox. If you’re going for an average tuning, any clutch kit will be good enough. Depending on your handling of clutch and feel for the pedal, any clutch kit with Stage 2 or Stage 3 will be compatible. A Stage 1 disc will handle much more Torque and will engage OEM.

Flywheels are yet another important tuning components. Ultra-light flywheels are recommended for racing purpose, while Light flywheels are good enough for Pro-Street Drag and other races.

Nitrous boosts, Turbos and super-chargers are always an added luxury but always keep your handling level in mind. These equipments do add great wings but pose a much larger threat at the same time. Choose a light turbo for amateur stuff. A Turbo MR2 which is V8 powered is more than enough for heavy racing.

For stylish exterior and interior modifications, you need not think much. Black/clear housing headlights and Racing Seat versions are enough to cover both. Accord is so elegant in itself that interior modifications are hardly needed.

Accord is Honda’s most pampered and good performing baby. You have to be careful while tuning it up since it is already so damn technically strong.

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