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Goodyear car tires have driven across every major and minor road all over the world, and the Goodyear Tire Company is the third largest Tire Company in the world. They have the famous blimp, the famous tire, and the logo. Many vehicles in the United States, Great Britain, and elsewhere use Goodyear car tires, many without knowing because they are sold under different brand names (like Dunlop).

Goodyear Eagle ZR Gatorback Tire

Goodyear was founded in 1898 and since then (having taken its name from the inventor of vulcanized rubber) has grown very well, however recent years have seen strikes and worker complaints at their factories. An interesting historical note about Goodyear car tires was that they were used on the Model T in 1908, starting their popular climb to the mainstream with the mass production of cars. However Ford would later move to Firestone.

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Goodyear’s environmental record has been much less than sterling, with the Goodyear car tires production being liable in 54 superfund sites, and being the 25th biggest polluter in the U.S. Not only do they belch out chlorine, but also cobalt, and sulfuric acid and other harmful chemicals. So far no major action has been taken by Goodyear to clean up its act, and it continues to spew out tons of pollutants (4 million pounds as estimated).

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