Geiger modifies Cadillac CTS-V

It really makes no difference fro Karl Geiger, if it’s American he will tune it! The latest production of this power-crazed German is a monstrous Cadillac based on the CTS-V sports sedan.

The original CTS-V is even more powerful than a BMW M5 with 560hp. But with Geiger tweaks it is now capable of 619 Horsepower and 850 Newton meters of torque. This huge power translates into mind blowing performance in form of 330 km/h top speed.


The tuner has furthermore refined the car’s 6-speed manual gearbox for better performance and upgraded its chassis and braking systems. They say it handles like a sportscar with the same comfort level as the stock model.

Geiger CTS-V is a mouth watering package, but it won’t come cheap! To have it you have to provide 84,900.00 euros.

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