Fog Lights

The name itself implies its functionality – for harsh weather conditions, to improve visibility for the driver and for extreme emergencies only. Fog lights are a must for drivers who live near the mountainside or the seaside where fogs just creep out of nowhere in the early morning or even afternoons.

Car Fog Lights

They are ideally suited in places where there is a sudden rainstorm or blizzard. The kind where ordinary headlights are no match and fog lights have been known to save lives. They are easy to install and can be mounted at the back or rear of the vehicle. Fog lights get their powerful beam from halogen sources which cut across harsh visibility situations like knife to a butter. Used also by emergency and police units, these come in handy when you’re in dark, gloomy or smoke filled environs. Fog lamps are usually installed under the headlamps and have their own separate switch. Fog lamps add a sporty and nice touch to any vehicle especially at night.

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