Finding a Good Mechanic

Just like a doctor, finding a good and capable car mechanic is difficult to say the least.  While car mechanics might seem like a dime a dozen, having one that understands your car well and is able to give you honest tips on what is exactly wrong with your vehicle and how to maintain it properly can be priceless.

While we are not saying that all mechanics are dishonest (the overwhelming majority are), the problem is that many mechanics work for dealerships or stations where it is important to either do as many jobs as possible per day or to be very aggressive with selling extra services.  In fact, at some service stations, mechanics never communicate with customers- this is left to a sales associate.

Some of the best ways to find a good mechanic is to first talk with others.  Ask around, of course, you will hear plenty of horror stories, but many times, a neighbor or friend has been using a mechanic for decades usually with great results.

Another option for finding a good mechanic or repair business is to contact your local Better Business Bureau.  This is a great way to start.  This way you can find out if there has been a long history of complaints.  Other methods of finding a good mechanic is to go online and read reviews of mechanic shops and while you will always find bad reviews- there will usually be car owners that are truly impressed with service and write about it to spread the word.

A good mechanic can not only save you lots of time, but lots of money over the lifetime of the vehicle.  By getting an expert opinion, you can fix a vehicle at the root cause- reducing headaches and a loss of downtime.

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