Fiat Punto

A supermini car manufactured by an Italian automobile manufacturing company. The exclusive styling and detailing makes car lovers go crazy. Its few of the distinctive features like upright tail lights make it look spectacular. The refurbished interior and the chassis of the cat give the car a marvelous look and it even keeps in consideration the comfort of the drivers and the passengers. The car features 1.3 turbo diesel engine which improve the performance of the vehicle. Dualdrive electric power steering makes it convenient to drive. The car works on an electric motor relatively than the hydraulic pump driven which augments the speed and the performance of the car manifold times. Also the car is so designed that people cannot feel the noise and the vibrations which make the drive pleasurable and tireless. It is a boon for the people who prefer going by road than any other means of transportation. As it is fuel economical, it is widely preferred by people. The car encompasses 16 valve engines with 70 brake horse power which leads to low emission.

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