Electric Cars

Electric Cars – A New Age Vehicle

One of the biggest benefits of electric cars is that they are environment friendly and cause less of pollution. Also, their feature of energy efficiency has made them much in demand today.

An electric car is powered by either fuel cells or an electric motor. The rechargeable batteries used in electric cars include lead-acid, nickel metal hydride, Li-ion polymer, and lithium ion batteries. The electricity stored in electric car batteries is measured either by coulombs or by ampere-hours. The electric car runs on rechargeable battery that stores electricity in either ultra-capacitors or flywheel. In some electric cars, one can replace the batteries at the filling stations with the fully charged ones.

Electric Car

Enjoy A Ride On Electric Car

The electric car has small motor but it gives modest acceleration as multiple motors are connected to the wheels due to which each wheel helps in propulsion and applying brakes. The electric cars have a unique feature of regenerative braking due to which energy used for acceleration is recovered and this in turn increases the efficiency of the car.

Environment Friendly Cars

Electric cars are environment friendly as they cause less pollution as compared with gasoline-powered cars. It is difficult to judge sometimes that a car is electric or not as only while driving when you hear no engine noise then you realize that it is an electric car. If you have to spend more while buying an electric car then its worth, the money as the cost will be recovered with its energy efficiency with time.

The electric cars are more energy efficient in comparison to other fuel vehicles. A regular car needs servicing and maintenance of the cooling system, gearbox, and engine tuning while there is no such tension withy electric car. The battery should be charged on timely basis for an uninterrupted travel. One should take due care of the battery in case rapid battery discharge happens suddenly as it might cause fume and fire in the car. So, get an environment savvy car that ensures you do not add to the environmental pollution.

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