Eibach Golf Mk1 anti-roll kit comes back!

Due to popular demand, suspension experts at Eibach tuning center are bringing back their magnificent anti-roll stressbar kit, which was originally designed for the Mk1 VW Golf back in the 80s!

Mind you they will only make 50 more units, so if you are planning on making a magnificent classic car out of your Mk1 Golf, you better hury to get one. Oh, and remember to take £301.67 with you.


‘That’s what I love about this company!’ explained Eibach’s UK’s Managing Director, Julian Gill. ‘We may be a global manufacturer producing production runs of tens of thousands at a time, but we’re still able to respond to the ‘little guys’ – the true enthusiasts that make the tuning scene what it is. Although we’re not putting the bars back into full volume production, the unprecedented demand that we have had for this Mk1 kit meant that if was feasible to create a special ‘one-off’ run to keep our customers happy. It’s all about them, after all!’

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