Easy Ways to Increase Power to Your Vehicle

For many of us car tuning enthusiasts, we are always looking to increase the power of our vehicles.  While today’s stock vehicles come with sometimes twice as much horsepower as only 20 years ago, you can never have too much power beckoning at your foot.  For those constantly looking for easy ways that are usually affordable to increase power in your vehicle, here are some tips.

Car Chip

Try a Chip
Computer chips are still usually the most affordable and easiest ways to increase horsepower.  With a computer chip that has been optimized for your vehicle, you will definitely get some bang for your buck.  However, fuel efficiency will usually be reduced.  Since most vehicles come from the factory set to give drivers a good balance between power and fuel efficiency, by getting a new chip that is set more towards performance, you can boost horsepower quite easily and affordably.

More Air Flow Equals More Power
Another easy way to increase horsepower is to increase the amount of air flow into your engine.  The more air (oxygen) usually the more power your engine can produce.  You can easily increase air flow in a few ways including installing bigger air filters, reducing the intake piping and using polished intake manifolds which actually eliminate the resistance of air.

A Good Exhaust Helps
Besides plenty of air flow into the engine, having a good exhaust system improves performance as well.  Look to add either a dual exhaust system or a bigger tail pipe.  Also free flowing mufflers open up the exhaust system for better release of engine by-products.  So for those looking to increase horsepower and performance look to these three simple tips for definite increases.

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