Chrome Car Accessories

Out of all the car accessories the most popular have to be chrome car accessories, it’s a simple thing to understand really.  men like shiny objects – and so do many women.  Like fish attracted to flasher sinkers, if it’s flashy enough you might attracts bites – and that’s never a bad thing if you and sink and hook your target.  Chrome car accessories are made for almost every part of the vehicle, from chrome bumpers, chrome hubcaps, chrome linings, chrome light holder, chrome windshield wiper to completely chrome fenders, bodies, and entire cars that are chrome plated!  Many accessories can complement a rather drab dreary vehicle, while other chrome car accessories can make your vehicle look like some kind of freak show on wheels. 

The key to knowing how your car will look with chrome car accessories is to visualize it, visualize where the accessories will go and how they will look when it is sunny or cloudy.  Remember, chrome is expensive in many cases – so be wise about your choices.  A black car made in 1999 with a plastic bumper that you replace with chrome might look great – it might also look like you went too far with the chrome car accessories. 

When you’re looking for chrome car accessories make sure you know that they are plated correctly – any accessories that look like they have wrinkles in the chrome, or un-natural discoloration should automatically keep you away from them considering that means there may have been impurities in the plating process.  Another thing to remember is that chrome can scratch, and scratching the chrome will leave a permanent mark – so if you plan to chrome an area that could be deeply scratched in daily use you might reconsider that.   Make sure your chrome car accessories match your car and make your car look great!

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