Chevy Camaro SC572 by Callaway

Callaway is very well known as a Corvette specialist. They also make their own version of the Vette with their own branding. So it’s not a surprise that they have come up with a package for the Camaro because they got what it takes, so why the hell not?!

Callaway Camaro is base on the SS model powered by the 6.3 liter LS3 V8 engine.It’s called the SC572, and as you have rightfully guessed 572 is the number of horsepower the car’s got!


The tuner has installed a supercharger on it, plus a large intercooler, high-flow injectors and modified air intake and exhaust system to be able to extract 572hp and 541 lb/ft. of torque out of that V8.

Camaro SC572 is quite a performer, as it does 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and runs a quarter-mile in 11.94-second at 119.5 mph.


The car is also equipped with a carbon fiber aero kit, consisting of front spoiler, side skirts, bootlid spoiler and rear diffuser.You also get Eibach coil-over suspension, upgraded brakesĀ  and sport alloys wrapped in high performance good year tires.

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