Cargraphic Airlift Suspension for Audi R8

Audi R8, being a supercar, is wide and low so even if you’re really careful with it, its nose still might scratch the ground every time you go over a speed hump. And that would hurt your expensive front spoiler!

Cargraphic has though of that and came up with a pneumatic height compensation system Airlift Suspension fro the car. It elevates the vehicle at the front spoiler by up to 72 mm, but because it puts too much pressure on the suspension components, the process only lasts for 15 seconds, so if you wanna go over something you better be quick!


The tuner also offers an aerodynamic package for the R8 plus 19 and 20 inch, one-piece or three-piece alloy wheels in different designs and sonorous stainless steel exhaust systems which can be had with muffler valves for adjustable noise.

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