Car Show Babes

People keep complaining that I’m not updating the car babes category…
You know what?
People are right, but I’ve been slacking off a little bit and forgot about the main reason why guys visit car shows… the babes!
Do you think I’m joking?
I am not, according to recent studies, car show babes are responsible for over 50% of the male visitors, and these numbers sky-rockets to 72% when we’re talking of car tuning shows.
Ok, everyone knows that these shows always present you with beautiful combinations of fast cars and hot babes, what you didn’t know is that even women start visiting the shows looking for car babes.
I feel confused, so just in case I leave you with a couple of good reasons to “waste your time” at car shows…

Here are the babes! 🙂

Car Show Babe 1

Car Show Babe 2

Car Show Babe 4

Ok, ok, stop complaining! I’ll post some more really soon! Just stay tuned! 😉

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