Car Scents Add Personality to Your Car

In this blog post, I am talking to the young guys out there that have nice wheels.  If you have a nice girlfriend or looking for some new female companionship, besides having a nice clean car both in and out, make sure that your vehicle smells good.  You don’t need it to smell like flowers, but you might not realize just how dingy and dirty your car smells, enough to turn off a discriminating nose.  So here are just a few ideas to get your vehicle smelling good.

Car Scents

Plenty of Products to Choose From
You don’t want your car to smell like butt.  So make sure you got some kind of scent in your vehicle at all times.  It can be as easy as a pine fresh tree or as complicated as a plug in air filter with an ionizer.  Whatever you choose, you can easily make your car smell great.  Some of the products that are winners include:

Hanging Trees
Hanging trees might not be the most attractive option, but they definitely work.  They are easy to install and work for a couple of weeks.

On Dash Scent Gels
For a better scent and longer lasting fragrance, on dash gels usually do the trick.  They are not only attractive, but also work well.  If you don’t like sticking anything on your dash, they also have plenty of items that clip on to your vents.

There are plenty of scents that you can spray in your upholstery- by the way it doesn’t hurt to give your cloth upholstery a good shampoo and cleaning.  You can also Armor All your leather or vinyl upholstery as well.

So if you want your car to not only look good, but smell good, check out the above scent ideas.

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