Car Roof Racks

Nowadays it’s normal to see a car that has a roof rack on top. Gone are the days when you can only put all your travel belongings on the trunk of the car. Looking at this kind of set up, the inspiration may have originated in the times of the rajahs when elephants had similar travel racks on top of them. Normally some items like surfboards or huge luggage don’t fit in the boot of the car.

Standard Roof Rack on top of a white car

Roof racks are ideal for campers and sports enthusiasts because the design is made to fit bikes, kayaks, surf boards, skis, and other sporting gear. The design is such that it sits squat on the roof of the car and comes with high tensile straps that securely fasten your luggage to the rack. By centering the position of the rack squarely, the center of gravity of the car is maintained keeping it grounded and stable even in long distances.

It is definitely a great way to look stylish and at the same time organized so that even big, bulky items fit.

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