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If you consider yourself a car enthusiast, spend lots of your time commuting to work in your vehicle or just want to make your car more like home then there are plenty of new car gadgets that are available. In fact, during the last few years, computers and electronics have made vehicles not only much more entertaining, but safer as well. A few of the most popular car gadgets sold in vehicles today include GPS Navigation Systems, DVD Entertainment Systems, Ipod/MP3 Players and Connections, Digital Rear View Cameras and High Tech Radar Detectors. Here is some information regarding each of these fantastic car gadgets.

GPS Navigation System

GPS navigation systems are perfect for those individuals that would like to know how to get to almost any location in a moments notice. GPS is not only extremely informative- It makes the driver feel quite safe and secure. Whether you are driving to a new location, trying to avoid traffic, or find yourself at a detour, a GPS navigation system can literally tell you where to drive to next. With high quality receivers that pick up global positioning satellites, these systems usually use a small screen complete with color maps located in your dashboard to alert you where to turn next.


While many GPS navigation systems come as optional equipment built into your vehicle, today, there are a wide assortment of after market GPS navigation products. Some are built specifically for cars, others are portable that can be placed in a vehicle when needed. GPS navigation systems are still one of the more expensive car gadgets on the market, but their prices are coming down. Expect to pay about $1,000 to $2,000 for in-vehicle systems or from $300 to $1,000 for after market products.

DVD Entertainment System

For many kids growing up in past generations, watching TV or movies in their car was all, but a futuristic dream. Well, for this generation of kids, as well as adults, it has become reality. Watching DVD’s in your car is simple, affordable and convenient. Not only can you watch DVD’s, but also TV and even play games while your dad or mom drives you to school, soccer practice or to Grandma’s house.


DVD entertainment systems have come a long way in a few short years. Today, most family vehicles (especially minivans and SUV’s) offer DVD entertainment systems that not only include a DVD player, but also one to three small LCD screens so that each person in the vehicle can be entertained. DVD entertainment systems not only give you the option of watching DVD’s, but on most systems, you can plug in your Nintendo, Sony or even Xbox. In addition, many DVD entertainment systems can use the screen in the front dashboard as part of the GPS navigation system or even as part of a rear view camera system to easily view vehicle blind spots. Many DVD entertainment systems include either LCD screens installed within the headrests of the seats or a flip down screen that comes from the interior roof of the vehicle.

DVD entertainment systems are quite affordable and usually cost about $1,000 or less as a vehicle option or several hundred dollars as an aftermarket product. In fact, there are plenty of portable DVD entertainment systems that can be purchased for less than $100 allowing you or your children to view DVD’s, play games and even listen to music anywhere they go including in the car.

Ipod/MP3 Player Connections

For the millions of people that now own iPod and MP3 players, bringing their entire collection of music with them for the ride is a breeze. While just a few years ago, you would require a wireless radio frequency adapter, 12 volt power adapter and possibly a set of cables, now you can simply plug in your iPod or MP3 player directly into your car’s stereo. Many car manufacturers have added simple iPod docks into most of their line ups, especially those cars that younger buyers are purchasing. This means that listening to your iPod is just as easy as a walk in the park.

Car iPod - iPod Car System

For those that listen to MP3 players instead of iPods, many car stock radios as well as after market car stereos include USB ports to simply plug in your MP3 player. In addition, some after market car stereos take digital music even further with the ability to insert SD memory cards directly into the car stereo for hours upon hours of listening enjoyment.

Rear View Cameras

One of the most innovative car gadgets to come out in the past couple of years is the digital rear view camera. Using most vehicles GPS navigation system’s screen or even a DVD LCD screen, you can hook up a miniature web-type camera to your vehicle which then makes it possible to view any vehicle’s blind spots. Perfect for those with big minivans or SUV’s where it can be tough to see everywhere around the vehicle, these affordable devices not only are very easy to install, but a great safety feature. Rear view cameras are very affordable costing less than a couple hundred dollars and if you already have an LCD screen- set up is a breeze.

Rear View Camera System

Radar Detectors

While radar detectors have always been a staple of car enthusiasts and commuters, newer radar detectors on the market are much more sensitive to the current type of radar being used- Laser radar. Today, it is easier than ever to get caught speeding, with cameras, speed traps and patrol cars finding easy places to record vehicle speeds. With the latest line of radar detectors, you can definitely boost your chances of being forewarned and avoiding costly speeding tickets and insurance surcharges. Many radar detectors are so small they can fit in your shirt pocket or easily on your dash- making them very unnoticeable.

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