Car Babes

Car babes, as they are commonly referred to, are more of poster girls for the cars. They hiring of car babes in the launch of new cars has always been a debatable issue. The car babes are a great attraction for the enthusiants ( and non enthusiasts too 😛 ). This is a form on marketing which has been recognized all over.

 Car Babe 2

As we all know “Sex Sells”, so the marketers all over the world, try to get good models for their product and advertise their product with them. Why do we all see men’s undergarments advertisement with beautiful women in it ? Why do the fashion shows only take beautiful models ? It is all because of the marketing.

 Car Babe 3

The other side of the debate ofcourse focuses on the moral side of it. It is morally objectionable to use women’s beauty for advertising issue. But there are those too which say that women themselves chose to be a part of this ( maybe because of the money involved ).

But whatever be the case, currently this form of marketing is working leaps and bounds, and getting the products ( including cars ) a good exposure ( pun very much intended ).

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