Buy a Car – A motorcycle may not be good enough to spare gas

The price of fuel is affecting many people nationwide in a very negative way. Individuals are having a hard time affording gas for their daily commute to work, families are finding it difficult to afford all the gas it would take to go on the same type of vacation they could just a few short years ago, and companies are researching the possibility of having employees work less on the road, all because of the price of fuel. Many people have decided to battle the high price of fuel that they will start driving a motorcycle or motor scooter to work and around town. It is true that motorcycles and motor scooters get far better gas mileage than cars, but before someone purchases one as a way to fight high gas prices, they should research the situation a little more. Buying a motorcycle to ease the pain of the price of gas may not be in some people’s best interests.

Motorcycle - Scooter

Using a motorcycle or motor scooter to lessen the negative impact of the high price of fuel makes a reasonable amount of sense for those that already own those vehicles. For those that would have to make the purchase of a motor scooter or motorcycle in order to take advantage of their superior fuel efficiency, the decision may not make as much sense. There are a number of things people in this position should consider regarding this decision.

The Purchase
When purchasing a motorcycle or motor scooter, a buyer can expect to spend any where from $1,000 to $5,000 or more depending on what model is bought. Quality used motorcycles and motor scooters will be nearer to the bottom end of that spectrum, while newer models will be nearer to the upper end, some will even be significantly higher.

Additional Expenses
There are a number of additional expenses that come along with owning a motorcycle or motor scooter. The first thing to consider is additional equipment needed for the vehicle itself. All the proper safety equipment as well as storage accessories should be in place before the first commute is undertaken in a motorcycle or motor scooter. There are also safety equipment that the rider needs to have when driving a motorcycle or motor scooter. Proper attire, including a helmet, is necessary to insure that if something goes wrong on the roadway, the driver is safe. Other additional expenses include any rider safety programs that may be needed as well as an initial service check on the bike to make sure it is in proper condition.

Ongoing Expenses
There are also ongoing expenses involved when a motorcycle or scooter is brought or bought into a person’s life. Though usually less expensive than a car, a motorcycle and motor scooter also need regular maintenance. Another ongoing expense that is associated with a motorcycle and motor scooter is insurance. If the driver does not already have a motorcycle, they will most likely have to add it to their insurance policy. This additional expense will then have to be paid each and every month.

Due to it’s greater fuel efficiency, a motorcycle, when used for a regular commute, will have a positive impact on the amount of money that is spent on gasoline. The level of benefit that it brings to the driver or user will vary depending on whether the person owns a motorcycle or motor scooter already, or has to go out and buy one just to take advantage of the benefits. Buying and using a motorcycle or motor scooter as a way of avoiding some of the pain of the high price of fuel can be effective. But, when someone is adding up the savings that they will be able to get because of the improved fuel efficiency, they need to remember that their will be additional expenses too and these additional expenses might just make the fuel efficiency benefits non-existent, especially at first.

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  1. Nopi says:

    Fule prices are horrible, but in Poland Gas (LPG) as alternative is very popular and cheap! 🙂

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