BMW 750i Sedan – Luxury at its best!

BMW’s latest series have been associated with the corporate world due to its sophisticated looks. And to provide more options, BMW had recently introduced the BMW 750i Sedan. A superior luxury car model, the 750i Sedan, offers the best car luxuries and comforts that are simply class apart. Its 4.8-litre V-8 engine with 360 horse power is exactly what a car lover would like to have in his/her luxury car. The American walnut interior wood trim, 10-speaker audio system and premium leather interiors will drive you crazy! Its subtle, clean and highly sophisticated look will add to your corporate image. Features like active cruise control, active roll stability, aluminum suspension system; comfort access and power front comfort seats make the 750i Sedan perfect for a long and comfortable journey. The luxury car also supports some special features like Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling, on-board computer, expanded check control vehicle monitor system, automatic fuel-pump shutoff upon severe accident impact and adaptive brake lights. All these state-of-art technological features will help you to experience a comfortable and safe drive.

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