BMW 335D – 2009

For BMW enthusiasts, the new 335D for 2009 is sure to please.  The D obviously stands for diesel and while diesel engines are not that popular in the states and the fuel sometimes more costly than regular gasoline, the BMW 335D’s diesel engine is definitely a great component to this vehicle.  New for this model year is a stylish new front and rear.  On the front end, new headlights, a louver hood and a new grille makes this vehicle stand out from the pack.  In addition the rear of the vehicle offers new brake lights and some new lines making this vehicle much more attractive than last year’s model.

BMW 335D 2009 Edition driving on Ice/Snow

Under the Hood of the BMW 335D
While most are not diesel fans, believe me, this engine definitely is a plus.  The engine offers a very peppy 225 horsepower which is twin turbo charged, but the kicker is the low end torque.  The 335D offers incredible low end torque that makes this car a rocket with just a small touch of the gas pedal.  While these cars are made generally for the European market with nice and high twisting roads in the Alps, you can definitely expect great steering and a very tight suspension.  The BMW 335D offers both.  In fact, the steering is one of the nicest we have seen.  It is incredibly precise without any over or under-steering.  The suspension is tight, but not too rigid making this vehicle extremely fun to drive.  As for corners, there is nothing that this vehicle will find an obstacle.  The 335D conquers corners easily and convincingly.

The 2009 BMW 335D is a great vehicle and one of the best diesels we have seen in a long time.  Expect this model to be in the US in December of 2008.  The price with decent features is around the $40K mark.

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