BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe

BMW makes plenty of sporty vehicles that are perfect for hitting the road in style.  While the 3 series has definitely made a name for itself for being pretty affordable, while offering lots of power, the new 1 series is not only new to the scene, but also offers plenty of performance at an affordable price.  Today, there are a few models to choose from in the 1 series, including the 128i coupe, 128i convertible, the 135i coupe and 135i convertible.  However, for those that are looking for lots of power and very decent price point, the 135i coupe is perhaps the best of the 1series vehicles.

BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe

Under the Hood of the 135i Coupe
There is plenty to get excited about under the hood of the BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe.  For instance, the engine offers a 3.0 liter l6, 24 valve engine that produces a very peppy 300 horsepower @5800 rpm.  Matching this nicely done engine is a 5 speed manual transmission or the option of a 5 speed automatic transmission.  Regarding acceleration, the 1 Series 135i definitely impresses reaching 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds (4.7 seconds to be exact).  The top speed for this vehicle is also a very healthy 143 mph.

Inside the 135I Coupe
Inside you will find all the creature comforts and while the interior is a little tight, it is fine for commuting back and forth to work in performance and a little luxury.  The dashboard is nicely laid out and easy to read and the center console is easy to work.  The price for the 135i Coupe comes in at about $32K, which is much less than the 3 series and a very low price point for a new BMW.  However, the 1 series does offer plenty of performance and good looks making this vehicle a buy.

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