Belly dancing with Maserati 200S

This sports car has a remarkable performance of speed as it picks up 100mph in just 4 seconds. Its 16 cylinder engine makes it a perfect racing car which was also used on race tracks. Moreover this car enables easy manoverability with its enhanced suspension system which is siutable for riding on rough roads.The car has a 1994.3 ccm four cylinder engine which is constructed from light-alloy.

 Maserati 200S


As a racing car it is always necessary to maintain a light body weight so as to cruise at high speeds. Keeping this in mind the Maserati company has designed the 200S with an aluminum body that serves to cut a lot on weight. Moreover it is an ultimate roadster having a two seater capacity which enables you to cruise with your loved one at on the beach or in the meadows at exceptional speeds.
By being small and light in size the Maserati 200S exhibits a star attraction to car enthusiasts especially those who need to rev up their lives.

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