Automotive Tools – Finding the Right Ones

Automotive tools is a term that encompasses a variety of quality instruments which are used to repair or modify vehicles. With the emergence of sophisticated vehicles, the demand for specialized automotive tools has increased tremendously. These tools have an incredible ability to repair, maintain and ensure the proper working and functioning of a vehicle. Every tool has its own unique features. Some are used for cleaning and polishing tasks while others are used for welding, tuning, engine overhauling or gripping purposes. Each tool carries with it a unique personality of its own, a testament that any automotive mechanic will readily admit.

Automotive Hand Tools

Various pneumatic tools which are driven by compressed air are used in automotive works as well. These tools include air compressors, spray guns for painting purposes, pressure gauges, air valves, and air pressure regulators for maintaining air pressure in tires. Automotive tools are generally made of non oxidizing materials such as stainless steel, acetal polymers, etc. Knowing of the different functions of the tools, automotive tools can be divided into sub categories on the basis of task that they accomplish.

Automotive garage equipment consists of all those devices and spare parts which are required for proper functioning of the vehicle. These tools are used for replacing damaged parts, servicing vehicles, painting and polishing purposes. A number of tools come under this category of automotive tools. A mechanical jack is used to lift heavy equipment such as vehicles to a short distance above the ground. Similarly, jacks based on hydraulic power provide greater force to lift objects over greater heights with relative ease. Battery chargers are also used as garage equipment to restore the charge of discharged batteries so as to ensure proper starting of the vehicle.

Automotive Tools

Automotive wrenches are comprised of those flexible tools which are used to accomplish different tasks such as tuning, holding parts, and the twisting and tightening nuts, bolts and pipes which are found in vehicles. These tasks are necessary to ensure that the vehicle functions correctly and smoothly, as well as to maintain the safety of vehicle operation. Each type of wrench has its own unique features designed to handle different duties. For example, a torque wrench is used to measure the rotational force which is applied to the sockets or a tube wrench which is used to tighten bolts while a double opened wrench is the common wrench which is used to alter nuts.

Hand held tools are the most common instruments which are found in almost all workshops. These are used for drilling, cutting or fastening purposes. Some of the hand held tools include impact drivers, socket sets, holders and screw drivers. These tools are either made out of iron, steel or aluminum. They are driven either by hand, pneumatic or electric sources.

Car care tools consist of those tools which are used to smoothen or clean the vehicle. Cleaning sponges, polishing cloths and water blades are some of the tools used for washing and maintaining the vehicle and its parts. Meanwhile, electric testing tools are used to ensure that all the key electrical components of vehicles are functioning properly. Multimeters measure voltage and current of the battery whereas the ignition timing is set by the tool known as timing lights.

Jumper cables are wires used for transmitting electrical current to the battery. One end of the cable is connected to a power source while the other end is connected to the dead or discharged battery. In this setup, the current is transmitted from the power source to the discharged battery so as to restore its charge. These cables are pair of heavy wires which are connected with alligator clips at each end for the positive and negative charges.

Power tools, which are driven by electric motors, accomplish tasks such as sanding, shaping and polishing. These tools can either be fixed or moveable depending on their size and specific task. Hole saws are used to cut materials in circular shapes. These tools are shaped like cylinders and have sharp teeth on their edges which make their task easier. Large diameter holes can be drilled with the help of thin wooden boards. This tool is available in different sizes depending upon the need of the user. It consists of a sharp grub screw and a drill bit.

Tire pressure gauges are devices which are used to check air pressure in automotive tires. This gauge contains a needle, pointer, indicator and a tube. The pressure of the air present in the tire is indicated with the help of a pointer which indicates the quantity of air pressure. The pressure can be increased or decreased according to the reading displayed by the indicator. Engine bags, storage cabinets, tool trays and storage cases are used for various functions like storing the automotive tools. Wheeled vehicle can be transported safely with the help of tools like tie downs. The most common tie downs are wire crimping tools, truck trailers and tie downs ratchets.

As can be seen, the variety of automotive tools on the market is simply immense. Obtaining the right tools for your own needs is very important, be those needs of personal nature or for business use, such as running your own shop. In any case, given the specialization of the tools, be sure to always be careful and shop around to ensure that you are buying the exact tool to suit your needs.

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