Audi S3 Tuning

The Audi S3 is the 3 door or 5 door version of the Audi A3 with the quattro four wheel drive system, and is designed to compete in the sport market where drivers demand rally style performance, better tuning, great handling, quicker braking, and usually a more race oriented driving position.

Pricing is high enough to make the Audi S3 a status automobile, there is no way some backstreet kid out of high school is going to be tuning an S3 in his dad’s garage, but that’s part of the attraction, who wants to be driving a car every other street racer can afford to own.

Audi S3 Tuning

The stock factory models are good, really good, and off the showroom floor are capable to taking on most other small sport hatches, but to really get the most from your Audi S3 it really needs some tuning and mods to kick it up a notch.

Like any performance car, tuning an S3 and the modifications undertaken are a matter of opinion, what works for one driver may not work for the next yet almost all drivers will agree faster acceleration, more top end speed, better cornering, sharper braking, and head turning looks are where to start, and the Audi S3 is no different.

Sure the car looks great anyway, but a custom paint job and body kit are going to make your S3 unique. Look at the side profile of a stock standard Audi S3 and you see an Audi A3. This is a car that needs a chunkier look that only a body kit can give it.

Under the hood the Audi S3 has an impressive engine just waiting to hooked up to an analyzer laptop while the ECU gets a software upgrade, a stage one remap could see the 1.8 good for an extra 40bhp while the 2.0 gets an extra 50bhp.

Of course if you’re serious about tuning your Audi S3 to perfection and hitting 0-100km in less than five seconds, or top speeds of 270 km/hr you’re going to need to the services of a pro workshop and a complete overhaul to clubsport specs.

A new free flow exhaust optimized for a remapped engine will help turn your Audi S3 into a Porsche beater. Consider buying a full system with back exhaust and new catalytic converter for a noticeable difference in power, and the all important sound of an S3 purring thru the gears. All that extra tuning will be worth the expense.

Driving an S3 with these tuning mods is going to be a challenge, and good brakes should be considered a mandatory upgrade, skimping here is not an option, only the best semi-perforated or fully-perforated discs with either four or eight piston calipers should be considered.

The Audi S3’s stock tires and wheels supplied from the factory are not going to be capable of handling a modded S3 at speed, standing starts, and fast braking, so swapping to 17″ rims with low profile tires needs to be budgeted for. Chrome rims are the most popular, followed by black rims.

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