Audi A3 Tuning

Audi A3 tuning is almost limitless in what you can do, simple things like changing the grade of oil, or more complex mods like fitting a quick change kit can make a big difference to car handling and your street cred.

Love it or hate, the Audi A3 in it’s basic format is a plain looking car, sure it has the three rings logo on the front grill, but unless you’ve opted for the sport model, you’re going to be doing a lot of tuning and looking for a body kit to dress her up.

Under the hood the Audi A3 is an impressive automobile, the potential with tuning to take on muscle cars and beat them at their own game, but in it’s factory standard form none of the big boys will even give you a chance.

Audi A3 Tuning

We prefer kits with an outward flair to increase the A3’s profile, from front and side we like a car to look lean and hungry, and the huge front grill on the Audi A3 certainly gives us that.

New low profile tires and allow wheels complete the picture turning a mild suburban car into a jaw dropping autobahn cruiser. Don’t skimp on the wheels, in this case, less alloy is more, you need to be able to see those bigger than average vented disks to really impress.

Tuning your Audi A3 starts with basic maintenance, these cars don’t like cheap oil, make sure you only use premium grade or race spec engine oil to prevent oil pump clog and catastrophic engine failure. The A3 responds well to regular oil changes and clean filters.

For a quick boost on the Audi A3’s performance at affordable prices, flip out the air intake box for a new carbon fiber box with larger filter and more shielding to keep air cooler from the heat of the engine below. This is a tuning mod you can do at home with a basic tool kit.

Similarly, removing the factory air hoses for new silicone hoses rated at higher pressure, increased temperatures, and more crack resistance is guaranteed to improve response in your Audi A3. Another tuning modification the owner can do with a toolkit and a couple of mates.

To get even more performance from your A3, a remap from a custom race shop can be done in a few hours and could increase performance by 20-50bhp, a significant boost for any driver, and significantly, most of the boost is felt at higher revs which is when you need it most.

Drivers who know their car and how to handle it, should consider upgrading the clutch for a stronger race bred kit, the Audi A3 is a small agile car, at home on country roads where changing gear frequently is demanded.

Sadly, one of the great failings of the A3 model is the shift from 1st to 2nd, which sounds a bit crunchy and can be difficult to change quickly under high acceleration. Fitting a quick shift kit eliminates this problem giving a smoother, more race like shift that lets the driver concentrate on enjoying the road.

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