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Advanced Auto Parts is the second largest re-distributor of automotive parts in the United States, it currently employs over 40,000 people and ears nearly four billion dollars a year.  Advanced Auto Parts’ slogan “We’re ready in Advance” is for the most part true.  Advanced auto parts carried some of the highest quality replacement auto parts in its many stores around the eastern half of the country.  Currently there are hundred of stores up and down the east coast,  and even in Puerto Rico.  Advanced Auto Parts was started in 1932 in Roanoke Virginia after it’s founder Arthur Tubman bought a chain of auto parts stores – however it wasn’t until his son took over and renamed the chain to Advanced that it truly began to grow. In the 80’s the chain of auto parts began to increase its support for auto parts – and added parts to it’s name.  Advanced Auto Parts was then lead through the 90s on the economic boom that left it with 350 stores by the middle half of the decade.  After a few mergers between Advanced Auto Parts and the other companies out there it grew to a tremendous size.

Through shrewd buy outs of other failing auto part chain stores today Advanced Auto Parts controls over 3,000 stores and operates in 40 states.  During the expansion period they bought out Carport Auto Parts, Discount Auto Parts, Trak Auto, and Kar Parts Auto Stores.  Finally the last two mergers and buy outs were with Lappen Auto Supply Co. and Autopart International, inc – and this one will remain as a wholly own subsidiary of Advanced Auto Parts. You can expect to see Advanced Auto Parts stores all across the eastern half, south, and anything east of the Mississippi River of the United States if you are ever on a road trip, and if you ever need a part they probably have it to get you back on your way.

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