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Lights always draw attention and having the right lights not only make your vehicle look great, but also in many cases help you see the road much better and make your driving experience much more safer.  Whether you are driving in the city, on the highway or on rural state roads, choosing great lighting for your car is a good decision.  Here are some tips on choosing the best types of lighting for your car.

Lexus Car Lights

Making Your Car Look Good
There are quite a few ways to draw attention to your vehicle and make your car look great.  Some of them include accent lights and interior strobes.  Accent lighting can be LED or neon and while legal in most areas, check in your area before you install them on your car.  Accent lighting comes in a wide variety of colors and can come as a cluster which is very easy to install onto your vehicle or come as a kit which will require some minor drilling.  Interior strobe lights are also a great way to make your interior come alive.  Whether you want it to flash with the music while parked or if you just want a light haze of cool neon color in your vehicle when you drive, you can’t beat the look of these lighting options.

Headlights and Fog Lights
For exterior and more practical lighting, nothing beats a good set of headlights and fog lights.  Again, most types of headlights and fog lights are legal, but check with your municipality before you install certain more extreme types of units.  Whether you choose Halogen bulbs or LED lights for rear lighting you can easily enhance your driving with quality exterior lighting.  Since every vehicle is different, talk to a specialist to find out what type of lighting fits your vehicle best.

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  1. Looks very nice, but here in the Netherlands it isn’t allowed.

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