2009 Tesla Roadster

Tesla has earned plenty of press over the last few years when gas prices soared and more and more people started ditching their SUV’s for more fuel efficient vehicles.  While hybrid vehicles have performed quite well, most say the real goal is all electric vehicles.  Unfortunately, all electric vehicles are not only quite expensive, but in many cases offer less range and power than their fuel counterparts.  However, if you have the money- and lots of it, the Tesla roadster is not only one of the best performers in the car industry period, but also offers a decent range to take your vehicle for more than a quick trip to the store.

2009 Tesla Roadster

2009 Tesla Roadster Tech Specs
The Tesla Roadster is a 2 seater model that offers an open air style and rear wheel drive.  Regarding the engine, it is actually an electric motor that produces 375 volt AC.  It is air cooled and offers variable frequency drive.  The horsepower the Tesla is able to produce blows other types of alternative vehicles out of the water.  It produces 248 peak horsepower and 276 ft lbs of torque.  This vehicle also redlines at 14K rpm.  Other important specs include its infamous acceleration.  The Tesla roadster is absolutely blistering fast and can reach 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds which is exotic sports car territory.  It should also be noted that the high speed is only 125 mph, but this is due to the fact that the motor is electronically limited to go faster.

You can easily charge this vehicle up in about 3.5 hours and it even includes a cable and charger in the trunk which plugs into a jack.  The range which is very good for today’s standards is 220 miles, unfortunately the price is incredibly high- about $110K USD.

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