2009 Audi A5

If you love European luxury sport vehicles, one of the best brands to look at is the Audi.  The Audi A4, A6 and A8 have all made inroads as being high quality, offering plenty of power and performance and having plenty of styling.  A new vehicle in this category is the Audi A5 for 2008.  The 2009 vehicle is pretty much a hold over with a few exceptions.  For those that enjoy a quality luxury vehicle with plenty of sportiness this coupe is definitely worth the look.

Audi A5 2009

The Audi A5 Engine and Configuration
Unlike the A4, the Audi only comes as a coupe and not as a sedan, wagon or cabriolet.  In addition, it only has one choice of engine; however this engine is tuned for maximum thrills and performance.  The engine for the A5 is a 3.2L V6 that offers a very peppy 265 horsepower.  Married to this engine is a choice of two transmissions- a six speed manual or a six speed automatic.  This triptronic transmission is available with paddle shifters on the steering wheel giving you an Italian sports car feel.

Audi A5 Suspension and Performance
Because the Audi A5 offers aggressive luxury and sportiness, the suspension is important to giving it above average performance. The A5 offers 18 inch alloy wheels which grip very nicely on the curves and an electronic stability control system.  In addition, if you want your Audi A5 to ride with a very sporty feel, definitely look into the S line Sport Package.

Within the vehicle there is seating for four which is very comfortable and this car offers nice headroom for taller adults.  You will also find a wonderful Bang & Olufsen audio system, navigation system that is voice activated, cruise control and even Audi Side Assist.  The sticker price for the A5 is a decent $40K.

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