2008 BMW M3

For those that love German sports cars, the 2008 BMW M3 definitely does not disappoint.  The M3 has for a while been the most sporty of the 3 series vehicles.  And while past M3’s definitely earned high marks for power and performance, nothing compares to the 2008 BMW M3 which will go down as a true classic for its incredible muscle and performance.  If you can handle the very hefty price point and don’t mind driving a car that may not be as exclusive (believe it or not, many look down on the 3 series) then this is the muscle car for you.

BMW M3 2008

What’s Under the Hood?
For BMW aficionados, you will literally salivate when you hear what is under the hood of this small, but very capable beast.  How about a 4.0 liter, V8 that produces an incredible 414 horsepower.  In addition, the M3 also comes with extras such as a domed and vented hood for extra air flow.  It should also be noted that the transmission is a very responsive 6 speed and this vehicle comes as rear wheeled drive.

The Interior of the M3
Inside the 2008 BMW M3 couple you will find a wide assortment of amenities from standard leather seats, to an awesome stereo system, optional GPS, optional moonroof, a nice instrument panel and much more.

The Hefty Price Tag
While the 2008 BMW M3 coupe is perhaps the best M3 ever produced, it definitely shows on the price tag.  The M3 is definitely not budget friendly as the MSRP of over $56K will stop many car tuning enthusiasts dead in their tracks.  However, for those that have dreamed of an M3 for years, this is the must have car of the year if you are looking for German engineering, a huge powerplant and ultimate performance.

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