2007 Mustang

The Ford 2007 Mustang is the latest in the line of the now present generations of Mustangs that Ford Produces. The vehicle can obtain accelerations, without modification from the factory, of 0-60 in 4 seconds across a quarter mile. The 2007 Mustang also holds 16 gallons of gas and it can be fitted with a 210 horsepower engine all the way up to a V8 540 horsepower super charged engine. The 2007 Mustang come sin two styles and has a length of about 187 inches. The 2007 Mustang can be purchased as a two door convertible or a two door coupe.

The 2007 Mustang coupe` GT500 has an approximate curbside weight of 3920 pounds (US measure) while the 2007 Mustang convertible GT500 weighs in at approximately 4040 pounds (US measure). The Pony Package for the V6 Mustang is also available and it comes with wider wheels and fog lamps, with a grill design that is unique. In 2007 the Mustang V6 also was released with the Paxton Supercharger which boosted horsepower from 210 to 350.

The 2007 Mustang comes with three optional modes of transmission. It can come with a 5-speed manual transmission, a 6-speed manual transmission, and a 5-speed automatic transmission. The 2007 Mustang also can come with a California package, which means that the 2007 Mustang will come with special floor mats, side stripes, 18″ polished wheels, pony center cap, lowered front bumper, and the 2007 Mustang California Special comes with a unique bumper. The 2007 Mustang is a homage to the original 1968 California Special and is made to look similar to it. The Ford Mustang 2007 California Special Edition comes at an additional cost of around two thousand dollars, and comes in many colors (which are red, black, blue, and white). The Mustang is a very fuel efficient car in comparison to most and it became that way with a tradition started in the 70’s with the great fuel crisis to boot.

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